Hwyl fawr Bloglines

Wrth fewngofnodi i fy nghyfrif Bloglines echnos, dyma’r neges a oedd yn fy nisgwyl i:

As you may have heard, we are sorry to share that Bloglines will officially shut down on October 1, 2010.

Dw i ddim yn cofio pryd y dechreuais ddilyn blogiau a gwefannau newyddion trwy wasanaeth Bloglines, ond fe drawsnewidioddy y ffordd y defnyddiais y we.  Yn ôl Ask.com, perchnogion y gwasanaeth, newidiadau pellach ym mhatrymu defnyddiwyr y we sy’n gyfrifol am ddod a’r gwasanaeth i ben.

The Internet has undergone a major evolution. The real-time information RSS was so astute at delivering (primarily, blog feeds) is now gained through conversations, and consuming this information has become a social experience. As Steve Gillmor pointed out in TechCrunch last year , being locked in an RSS reader makes less and less sense to people as Twitter and Facebook dominate real-time information flow. Today RSS is the enabling technology – the infrastructure, the delivery system. RSS is a means to an end, not a consumer experience in and of itself. As a result, RSS aggregator usage has slowed significantly, and Bloglines isn’t the only service to feel the impact.. The writing is on the wall.

Nhw sy’n gwybod orau, yn enwedig os ydynt wedi gweld cwymp yn nefnydd y gwasanaeth, ond byddaf i’n sicr yn gweld ei golled.  Mae un defnyddiwr trist yn rantio (ei geiriau hi!):

Why does every. bloody. thing have to be a social experience? I cannot go to a library or bookstore for a book anymore, it has to be for the social aspect and friendships and connecting! And, apparently, now I cannot quickly read through hundreds of blogs and newsfeeds, no, it has to be a Facebook experience.

A gallaf uniaethu gyda sylw ar y blog uchod:

I’m certainly not going to rely on my Facebook friends to send me relevant links – they mostly post funny cat pictures. Now, I love funny cat pictures, but I use my Google Reader feeds for all of my book blogging needs, plus news commentary and cooking blogs. Few other people I know have the same style of interests as me (and feel the need/inclination to share those posts), so I prefer the self-reliance of an RSS reader!

Mae Steve Boese yn nodi ei bod yn llawer rhy hawdd gwasgu’r botwm ‘aildrydar’,  a bod rhai’n meddwl bod lledaenu a rhanu stori rhywsut yn bwysicach na darllen a gwerthfawrogi cofnod blog yn iawn yn y lle cyntaf.

Ask.com is making the determination (that very well may be true, it is hard to know), that simply consuming content in an RSS Reader is no longer ‘good enough‘.  We have, as users, to be able to easily spread that content out across our social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and in turn, we need to be able to mine our networks to find and consume content pushed or shared by our connections.  That news item, blog post, or funny video of kitty antics accrues more value to us, and to the network, the more that is is shared and circulated.  I get it, in fact that is pretty obvious. I would love this post to get widely shared around the social web, passed from Tweet, to Facebook wall, to Google Buzz, and back around again in a self-sustaining frenzy of consumption.

But before any of that can happen, I need someone to actually read the post first.

Ychydig iawn dw i wedi ddefnyddio o Google Reader yn y gorffenol,  a doeddwn i ddim yn ei hoffi ryw lawer, ond oes llawer o opsiynnau eraill gyda fi? Sut mae pawb arall yn darllen porthiannau RSS, neu ydych chi’n dipynnu ar bobl yn gosod dolenni ar Facebook, Twitter a Delicious?