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  • Carl Morris 2:46 PM ar 26 May 2011 Dolen Barhaol
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    BBC yn cael gwared â chomisiynwyr amlblatfform 

    Stori o Broadcast:

    BBC scraps multiplatform commissioners
    26 May, 2011 | By Catherine Neilan

    The BBC is scrapping the role of multiplatform commissioners and cutting ten more jobs from BBC Vision as part of its restructure of BBC online.

    Instead of distinct heads for multiplatform content, all commissions will go through the relevant channel and genre heads.

    The restructure splits BBC online into 10 distinct products including dividing what was previously conceived of as Vision Multiplatform into TV & iPlayer, headed by Victoria Jaye, and Knowledge & Learning, headed by Saul Nasse.

    It was first announced in January, and will also see new roles created as it nears completion.

    Cerys Griffiths has been hired in the new role of executive producer for development within Knowledge & Learning, a position she takes up in June, and the team is looking to appoint an indie executive focused on dealing with those companies who specialise in tech and design.

    The move forms part of a Trust-approved reduction in business, which sees £43m taken out of the budget and a total headcount reduction of 360. BBC Vision roles had originally been expected to comprise 85 to 90 of these jobs, but will now account for 90 to 100.

    More details have also been revealed about the selection criteria for the 12 annual projects that will see additional investment for online content.

    Doctor Who and EastEnders are two programmes already confirmed as receiving the financial boost, with Jaye describing them as “very precious brands”.

    She added: “We will be investing in a dozen ambitious pieces that enhance the audience’s experience. That will be very joined up with the channel controller, who has full expression over the programmes – so there is no division between online and on air.”

    The criteria for which programmes are selected differ according to the channel, Jaye explained. While BBC3 may look for items that “raise the creative benchmark”, or are new experimental programmes, BBC1 is more likely to focus on further developing established brands.

    Keating said: “A lot of hard work has been put into shaping this into a clear statement of how much money there is, and where it can be spent. Within those spikes of investment will be classic tactical and strategic mixes.”

  • Carl Morris 1:32 PM ar 23 May 2011 Dolen Barhaol
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    Blog gyda newyddion BBC – Betsan a Vaughan 

    Mae BBC yn newid eu systemau blogio.

    There will, of course, be some changes. The design and navigation are very different. The text will look more like normal news stories or features. But the content will be the same. Nick & co will still each have their own page, and these will still operate like blog indexes, with the newest entry at the top. You can see how it looks with Mark Mardell’s page here which has already moved over to the new design. And part of the plan is to make these new pages the place where you can follow a particular correspondent, whatever form of journalism they are producing. So we plan over the next few weeks to incorporate correspondents’ tweets, if they have them, into their pages, along with some of their reports in audio and video, and also where they add “text box” contributions to news stories (see right). We hope that, together, these will make a compelling and new way to follow a story or subject.


    Mae tudalen newydd am Betsan
    yma: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/correspondents/betsanpowys/

    ond does dim tudalen newydd am Vaughan http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/correspondents/vaughanroderick/ (404 ar hyn o bryd)

    Gyda llaw dim ffrydiau RSS llawn nawr, pfft!

    Changes to the RSS feeds are something I should have mentioned earlier, and I apologise for not doing so. Whereas we previously offered full text feeds of blogs, the RSS feed of the new pages is headline and summary only. I recognise that this is clearly an issue for lots of people, and is frustrating to those who have been using our feeds. The change is an unintended consequence of moving into our main production system, which does not automatically export full text feeds. We are looking at the issue and I hope to be able to come back to you with more detail.

    • Rhys Wynne 2:29 PM ar 23 Mai 2011 Dolen Barhaol

      ‘Gwelliant arall hefyd:

      In addition, in our new system, comments have a maximum length of 400 characters. It’s my view that this makes for sharper contributions, though I know some disagree.

      Go BBC!

  • Carl Morris 7:37 PM ar 10 May 2011 Dolen Barhaol
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    Newyddion BBC ar-lein – blwch Chwiliwch yn Gymraeg, newydd? 

    Newydd sylweddoli “Chwiliwch yn Gymraeg” ar y wefan Newyddion BBC.

    Ers pryd ydyn nhw wedi ei chynnig? Bach yn hwyr ond well na dim byd.

    e.e. y blwch

    e.e. canlyniadau chwilio

    Mae’r peth yn chwilio am dreigladau yn awtomatig hefyd.

  • Carl Morris 1:46 PM ar 14 March 2011 Dolen Barhaol
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    “Cylch bywyd” cynnwys ar-lein – dwl 


    rant da

    The BBC have been proposing for the last few weeks that they are going to shut down a variety of websites. They’ve prevaricated over what they mean by the word ‘close’. They aren’t going to delete them. But they are going to, oh, burn them on a DVD-R and leave them floating around the office or something.

    The BBC have to save “domains”, by which they mean top-level directories. Because apparently, there is no need to still have a website called “election97” because nobody visits it, but the BBC absolutely have to purge the directory just in case they want another website called “election97”. Unlike IPv4 exhaustion, the next time you’ll need “election97” is 2097. By that time, I’m sure a disambiguation link from “election97” saying “If you want to read about the current 2097 election, please go to our new website” or somesuch will do the job…

  • Carl Morris 5:23 PM ar 10 March 2011 Dolen Barhaol
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    Golwg360, Y Cymro, @umapcym a newyddion ar-lein… meddyliau @VaughanRoderick 

    Dyn dewr fyddai’n camu mewn i ffrae rhwng Angharad Mair a Cris Dafis ac rwy’n gobeithio na fyddaf yn pechu’r naill neu’r llall o golofnwyr Golwg trwy wneud hynny!

    Fe fydd darllenwyr y cylchgrawn yn ymwybodol bod y ddau wedi bod yn ffraeo rhiw faint ynghylch pwysigrwydd datblygiadau diweddar ar y we i ddyfodol y Gymraeg.

    Roedd Cris yn gweld datblygiad UMAP Cymru, y safle sy’n dod a thrydarwyr Cymraeg ynghyd, fel cam tuag at greu rhyw fath o rith-gymuned Gymraeg. Roedd Angharad yn gweld dim byd mwy na lot o glebran gwag. Mae’n gwbwl bosib i’r ddau fod yn gywir wrth gwrs.

    Yn sicr mae’r safle ynghyd a chyfres o ddatblygiadau eraill wedi rhoi hwb sylweddol i’r we Gymraeg oedd wedi dechrau teimlo fel lle cymharol sglerotig yn ystod y blynyddoedd diwethaf…

    am fwy

    Sgwenna dy sylw ar y cofnod gwreiddiol neu isod.

    • Carl Morris 2:05 PM ar 11 Mawrth 2011 Dolen Barhaol


      Mae cystadleuaeth yn newyddion neu cynnwys ar-lein yn wahanol iawn i gystadleuaeth yn farchnadoedd o stwff cyffyrddadwy all-lein, yn enwedig trwy’r iaith Gymraeg.

      Golwg360 / Y Cymro:
      1. Maen nhw dau yn cynnig darpariaethau newyddion am ddim.
      2. Maen nhw dau gyda’i gilydd yn cystadlu gyda digonedd o newyddion/cynnwys Saesneg.
      3. Rydyn ni angen rhwydwaith a chymunedau gwell o bobol Cymraeg ar y we
      4. Mae newyddion wedi cael ei dadfwndelu – ar-lein pob stori yw clic i ffwrdd

      Felly mae Golwg360 a’r Cymro yn gallu tyfu’r farchnad am ei gilydd. Wrth gwrs maen nhw yn gallu cystadlu am scoops ayyb. Ond dylen nhw siarad am ffyrdd i gyd-weithio yn sicr. Does dim pwynt copïo cynnwys os mae’r pethau i gael yn barod.

      e.e. dychmyga: mae Golwg360 yn ffeindio stori gyntaf, dylai’r Cymro rhoi ffocws ar elfen unigryw gyda dolen i’r stori ar Golwg360. A vice-versa.

      Mae Google yn dy anfon di i lefydd eraill, yn gynnwys Yahoo a Facebook. Ti’n dod yn ôl i rywle ddefnyddiol.

  • Carl Morris 3:02 PM ar 1 March 2011 Dolen Barhaol
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    Archif BBC: 500 rhaglen Desert Island Discs 


    The BBC is to launch an online collection of more than 500 episodes of Desert Island Discs alongside the choices of every single castaway, to coincide with the launch of BBC Radio 4 Extra in April.

    The archive will allow fans to download the last 500 complete episodes and will list the choices – music, books and luxury – of every guest since 1942. Classic editions will also be broadcast on Radio 4 Extra, curated by Kirsty Young, who will update and contextualise each interview. In addition, the station – the relaunched Radio 7 – will broadcast special, hour-long versions of episodes from the past year with previously edited material. Both Radio 4 Extra and the archive will launch in April.

    Ond pa fformat? Rhywbeth gyda DRM ar iPlayer neu rywbeth gwell fel MP3?

    • Rhys 3:35 PM ar 1 Mawrth 2011 Dolen Barhaol

      Gwych (cyn belled a’i fod ar fformat agored fel ti’n deud). Mae rhaglenni bore sadwrn John Hardy gyda clipiau o’r archif reit difyr, falle cawn rhywbeth tebyg i Radio Cymru (Rhaglen Beti George?)

      Dim i’w wneud a’r uchod, ond drwy hap bore ‘ma, dois ar draws stwnsh Radio Cymru o hackday BBC

  • Carl Morris 1:25 PM ar 3 February 2011 Dolen Barhaol
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    RIP BBC Chwaraeon arlein 

    cer i’r sgwrs: http://ybydysawd.com/2011/02/bbc’n-cau-gwasanaeth-chwaraeon-ar-lein/

    Os oes gyda ti sylw gaf i ofyn i ti postio fe ar Y Bydysawd plis? Dw i’n profi’r wefan ar hyn o bryd – diolchgar iawn am unrhyw sylwadau – diolch!

    (Os dwyt ti ddim yn cyfarwydd, Y Bydysawd yw plentyn-project Hacio’r Iaith. Mwy am genesis y project ac ynghylch.)

  • Carl Morris 1:51 PM ar 19 October 2010 Dolen Barhaol
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    Newyddion BBC a dolenni 

    Polisi newydd!

  • Carl Morris 1:53 AM ar 23 September 2010 Dolen Barhaol
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    Diffyg sylwadau ar blog Betsan Powys BBC 

    mis Medi – sero sylw

    mis Awst – sero sylw

    cofnod olaf gyda sylwadau ym mis Gorffenaf

    Mae rhywun wedi troi off sylwadau mewn gwirionedd. Paratoi am system well efallai?

    Bydd Angharad Mair yn hapus.

    Ond mae Vaughan Roderick dal yn derbyn sylwadau.

    • Rhys Wynne 7:34 AM ar 23 Medi 2010 Dolen Barhaol

      Fawr o golled – doedd y sylwadau ddim yn adeiladuol tu hwnt (i ddwued y lleiaf)

      RHyfedd hefyd, pan wnaeth y BBC newid eu system sylwadau fel bod rhaid cael cyfrif BBC cyn gadael sylw, fe gafodd y blogiau Cymraeg aros gyda’r hen sustem ble gallai unrhyw un adael sylw. ‘Sgwn i a oedd hyn yn fwriadol er meyn lleihau’r rhwystrau?

    • Dafydd Tomos 1:55 PM ar 23 Medi 2010 Dolen Barhaol

      Ie.. o’n i’n meddwl fod hi’n od nad oedd y ‘criw arferol’ wedi bod yn gwneud sylwadau am S4C! Wnes i’m sylwi fod y sylwadau ffwrdd. Allwch chi wastad fynd draw i WalesOnline i weld y giwed yna wrth gwrs

    • Carl Morris 9:53 PM ar 13 Hydref 2010 Dolen Barhaol


      Betsan’s Blog – and my colleague David Cornock’s blog – have both been closed to comment for some time.


      Because some of the comments didn’t really add much to a mature public debate.


      What have we done about it?

      We’ve looked again at the way comments are moderated and now, we’ve reopened both blogs to comment.

      Comment in your droves; comment from any and every side of any and every political divide. Tell it as it is but as you do it, stick to the House Rules.

      Here they are…

  • Carl Morris 5:44 PM ar 2 June 2010 Dolen Barhaol
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    Nid yn y swyddfa… Stori BBC am Scymraeg ar arwydd, DAL yn y siart straeon 

    Stori BBC am Scymraeg ar arwydd, DAL yn y siart straeon

    Dw i’n sicr fod ti’n nabod y stori wreiddiol.

    Dw i’n gweld y stori hon yn y siart BBC yn aml iawn. Mae pobol ryngwladol DAL yn ffeindio fe nawr.

    Mae e’n un o’r straeon mwyaf poblogaidd am Gymraeg arlein – erioed!

    Chwilia am “swyddfa” ar Google, y cofnod Language Hat am y stori BBC yw’r canlyniad CYNTAF.

    Nes i stopio chwerthin misoedd yn ôl. Ond ro’n i eisiau gofyn – ydy’r agwedd pobol a phroffil Cymraeg arlein yn bwysig i ti? Beth allan ni dysgu am farnau pobol ddi-Gymraeg arlein?

    Ydy’r barnau yn y sylwadau yma yn bwysig i ti?

    Ydyn ni’n gallu creu “cynnwys” positif am bobol tu allan y cylch? Dylen ni meddwl am ddysgwyr a phlant hefyd.

    Neu ydy pethau fel hyn yn digwydd ar hap?

    • Rhys Wynne 8:55 PM ar 2 Mehefin 2010 Dolen Barhaol

      A’i agwedd anffodus canran sylwedol o’r boblogaeth tuag at y Gymraeg (a ieithoedd bychain eraill) ydy o neu jyst hoffter pobl o storiau gwirion (gweler y storis poblogaidd eraill)?

      Pa bynnag un ydy o, ti’n iawn mai mond yng nghyd-destun straeon gwirion fel hyn mae’r di-Gymraeg yn darllen unrhywbeth am y Gymraeg.

      Ydyn ni’n gallu creu “cynnwys” positif am bobol tu allan y cylch? Dylen ni meddwl am ddysgwyr a phlant hefyd.

      Tra bod portreadu delwedd mor bositif o’r iaith a gwrthbrofi rhagfarnau di-sail yn bwysig iawn (dyna oedd prif fwriad seftydlu fy mlog Saesneg Smiling under Buses), mae’n fwy o flaenoriaeth creu cynnwys cyffrous, diddorol a pherthnasol yn Gymraeg. Dwi ddim yn dweud bod eisiau stiocio’n pennau yn y tywod, ond dw i’n ceisio peidio colli gormod o gwsg am beth mae pobl anwybodus yn feddwl am yr iaith a fedrwch chi byth newid agwedd rhai.

    • Carl Morris 11:09 PM ar 2 Mehefin 2010 Dolen Barhaol

      dw i’n ceisio peidio colli gormod o gwsg am beth mae pobl anwybodus yn feddwl am yr iaith a fedrwch chi byth newid agwedd rhai.

      Dwedais i’r un pethau anwybodus yn y gorffenol. Dw i wedi dysgu llawer…

      Dw i wedi dysgu… fod pobol beniog yn gallu dweud pethau dwl hefyd.
      e.e. http://twitter.com/bengoldacre/status/10533126485

      Gyda llaw, chwarae teg am Smiling under Buses, roedd e’n un o’r blogiau cyntaf gwelais i ar y we Cymraeg. Dw i dal yn darllen yr hen gofnodion.

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